Having fun making bikes. 

Hi You,

If you are reading this you are probably a potential Eaglebear owner. Or maybe you're just a curious internet sleuth. Or maybe you're one of our wives proofreading the website (we already proofread it, Sarah). Allow us to introduce ourselves. We're the founders of Eaglebear, Owen, Jim and Jacob. If you have a kid who rides a bike it's possible that you know us - we're the team from Prevelo Bikes. That's right, Eaglebear was founded by three dudes that make kids' bikes for a living. We'll come back to that in a moment.

We’re all devoted parents and love making awesome bikes for kids. But, we also love to ride bikes ourselves, and quite frankly, we’re too big to ride the Prevelo bikes we make. For years we wanted to make adult bikes, and for some reason, the great bike industry crash of 2023 ended up being the time to do it. We're good at making bikes, but not so good at modeling macroeconomic trends.

Building quality kid's bikes is extremely challenging. The bikes need to be durable, extremely light, and affordable. If you've ever looked at high-end bikes, you probably understand that durable, lightweight, and affordable aren't terms that you see together. So when we design Prevelo bikes we work really hard to not waste a gram or a penny. We've taken this zero waste philosophy to Eaglebear.

We're a small team, and all of us do a little bit of everything and help each other if the workload becomes too much. You can often find every one of us in the mechanics area tuning bikes before they ship, or surrounding a computer trying to figure out how to code the website's backend. We all talk with customers. We all have our hands on the product. Everyone helps decide with bike design, geometry, and spec. Everyone does a bit of everything.

We’re located just outside of Los Angeles, California. The weather here is awesome, the local taco shops are top notch, and we’re lucky enough to ride bikes almost every single day. If you're ever in town, let's ride bikes and eat tacos.


Your friendly neighborhood bike company owners, Owen, Jim and Jacob

Owen, Jim and Jacob are in this photo. But the real heroes in this image are their abundantly supportive wives: Rachel, Hilda and Sarah